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Rooby Run

Rooby Run

"Addictive, playable and fun, excellent" Kick some butt in this multi-level, fast moving, colourful cartoon style arcade style game. Guide your intrepid Rooby Run through the perils of the icy wastelands, egyptian deserts and amazon hills to save the world from the clutches of the ...

Demo  3,111k 1749 Byxon Games
Run Service ActiveX

Run Service ActiveX

Run Sevice ActiveX control is a powerful tool that allows software developers to add and use advantages of Windows services in their applications. Among Run Sevice ActiveX component's usage benefits is ability to utilize automatic start at boot-time to ensure maximum uptime of the system-critical ...

Shareware  976k 1137 Eltima Soft GmbH
Tobi on the Run Platinum

Tobi on the Run Platinum

The game Tobi on the Run Platinum bases on the very popular classic arcade hit Lode Runner. Tobi tries to collect the golden donuts which are placed within the levels; but nasty bullies are after him as well. Tobi tries to get rid of his ...

Shareware  6,153k 1519 Gzwo Softwareentwicklung
run car on water toolbar

run car on water toolbar

run car on water sites toolbar for internet exploer.Find run car on water sites and resources. easily reach all the run car on water information you need to know directly from your browser toolbar.

Freeware  1,121k 1394 run car on water
Run with Parameters

Run with Parameters

Run with Parameters is a free utility that allows to run programs with arguments directly from Windows Explorer. There is no need to run a program from the command prompt.This free shell extension, adds a menu item to the right click context menu of Windows Explorer, that ...

Freeware  8,417k 879 4dots Software

Run Dialog Replacement

Replacement or the the Windows Run dialog box, if it is unavailable on certain systems. Fully integrates with Windows Run history and is styled on the Vista Run box.

Freeware  1,024k 510 Ryan Richter
Run Multiple EXE Files At Same Time Software

Run Multiple EXE Files At Same Time Software

This software offers a solution to users who want to run multiple applications in batch. The user simply chooses the required EXE files or an entire folder of EXEs before clicking the start button. Using this time saving software, processing even large numbers of executables ...

Shareware  2,779k 560 Sobolsoft
Snatch and Run : Lode Runner

Snatch and Run : Lode Runner

Snatch And Run is a thrilling remake of classical game Lode Runner. It combines dynamics of arcade game and solution discovering aim of puzzle game. You will notice well-developed levels, sound effects, skins' options, which can be set as you wish. You will enjoy this ...

Demo  3,577k 2094 TameStorm games

Multi Run

Mit Multi Run ist es möglich, mehrere Programme in eine Liste einzutragen und mit einem Klick auf das Tray-Icon (das Programmsymbol das neben der Uhr eingeblendet wird) ein Menü zu öffnen, indem die Liste gewählt werden kann. Dann startet Multi Run alle Programme in der ...

Freeware  346k 811 Thomas Zuhlke
easy to run I. + II.

easy to run I. + II.

easy to run dient der Warenverwaltung für Secondhand Läden. Die Warenannahme ist gegliedert in Kommissionsware und Handelsware. Für Kommissionsware werden automatisch Eigenanteil, Auszahlung, Abholdatum und gegebenenfalls Reduzierungsdatum berechnet. Für Handelsware wird der Verkaufspreis nach den entsprechenden Vorgaben kalkuliert. Für die Mehrwertsteuerberechnung besteht die Wahl zwischen ...

Demo  27,148k 488 Fa triStan Software ShopService
Run Painter Run

Run Painter Run

What's the most important in painting? Certainly, to pick right color and brushes is important, but the most important is to deliver the paint to the painter. If you think it's easy, you need to play Run Painter Run game. You will have to control ...

Freeware  1,536k 903 freegames4rest com
Run for the Roses

Run for the Roses

Run for the Roses simulates a day of observing and wagering on thoroughbred race horses at America premier racing venue. Each race day is composed of 12 races of 7 to 12 horses competing in races ranging from 6 furlongs to 1-1/8 miles in length. ...

Shareware  85,449k 970 newmilleniumsoftware com

Find and Run Robot

Find and Run Robot is a program for keyboard maniacs - it helps you rapidly find programs or documents from within the depths of the start menu (or other directories). One keypress launches the utility - then just start typing the first letters of the ...

Freeware    446 DonationCoder

Run Plus

Run Plus is designed to quickly start programs you use often. Most of us have habits when using our own computer. A scenario may look like this: You start up the computer, check your mail, browse your favourite sites, start the programs you usually use. ...

Shareware  1,864k 280

Steel Run-As

Steel Run-As helps you in executing audit commands or any kind of application which runs properly when run only with administrator privileges without having to give the user full rights to his machine.

Freeware  793k 353

Backup and Run

"Backup and Run" is intended for easy data backup, where the target application itself does not support this. It creates a shortcut of selected application, that ensures the first backup selected data file and then run the application itself.

Freeware  892k 330

Super Run XP

Super Run XP 2.5 - a free Windows (XP+Vista) Run dialog enhanced substitute.

Freeware  1,321k 634

Advanced Run

Advanced Run is the most powerful and free launcher that allows you to run any program, run any command line command, open and edit and print documents on behalf of any user account without switching between users.

Freeware  1,628k 254

Run It All

Run It All is a program for starting simultaneous processes. It is helpful for those who need two, three or more program tools. Start this program and let it run all processes and programs you need. Run It All can also kill processes that are ...

Freeware  126k 351

MinGW Alternative C Run-Time Lib (ACR)

MinGW currently requires msvcrt.dll to run. However, a stand-alone Run-Time may be in expectation -- not dependent on the Microsoft VCRT, and non-GPL or -LGPL, which implies that it can be used freely for commercial purposes. The ACR makes it possible.

Freeware  12k 849

Pigs Run!

Pigs Run! is a 3D point and click game developed in python, Blender and Panda3D, in which you'll have to catch running pigs in a fence.

Freeware  3,198k 263

Write & Run State Machine

Write & Run State Machine. A powerful implementation of state machine modeling. Support many future such as concurrent and composite states. Easy to use with good debugging tools. Start here: Powerfull and simple to use.State charts are generated from code.

Freeware  347k 419

Hide and Run

Hide and Run is an application launcher for windows. It can run an application hidden. It can run a console application with hidden console. LauncherOption to run the program hiddenCan be used to make an application portableLua script support

Freeware  157k 349
Need To Run

Need To Run

Very interesting and dynamic game. Excellent audio enhances the game itself. You are a hero by the name Ranney, who always running late. Ranney normally skips his studies to nap, but now he urgently needs to run. There's just one thing, he lives 10 blocks ...

Freeware  35,565k 531 Falco Software Company
Run Ninja

Run Ninja

Fast and energetic and fun platformer centered on a Ninja. Run, jump on the wall and just like that, do everything you can to make it to the end and score maximum points. Active gameplay and nice looking graphics make things much more interesting. Fast and ...

Freeware  55,135k 357 Falco Software Company
Run And Jump

Run And Jump

You will have a difficult journey in pixel country, where you must overcome all obstacles that stand in front of your hero! Angry birds, scorpions and vile, still rocks stand waiting for you! The difficulty of the game is that you're always on the run, ...

Freeware  6,449k 357 Falco Software Company
I Can Run

I Can Run

I Can Run is a platform "runner" with simple controls (WS). Help the robotic little man avoid the red zone, as well as many obstacles on the race to the finish line while collecting rings along the way. This game features amazing levels accompanied by ...

Freeware  39,688k 320 Falco Software Company
Naruto Run

Naruto Run

This is a great game about our favorite character, Naruto for you and your friends. Find out which one of you will be able to run longest without getting into the pit. The game has three characters: Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto, who are distinguished by ...

Freeware  19,434k 353 Falco Software Company

Quick Run

Launch some programs you work with at once.Add files to start list and open them by one button click.

Freeware    531 Aleksei Taranov

Buzzer Run

In this game, the player control the ball movement by using the arrows keys on the keyboard. Guide the ball to the exit without colliding with any walls. The goal of the game is to reach the exit within time limit.

Freeware  263k 358
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